"Mr. Horvath played a key role in helping a number of companies and ministries implement their strategic plans I have worked with over the years."

Dr. Henry Migliore

President, Managing for Success

"For his creativity, vision, leadership, and professionalism, I hold Mr. Horvath in the highest regard." 

Bernie Meineke

Georgia State University

About Us

Organizations and communities need a strong foundation to thrive. That foundation is build around and defined by it's culture or core values. Is there a culture where -

  • People are encouraged to think strategically?
  • Innovation is rewarded?
  • There is a clearly defined mission, vision and strategy?
  • Key stakeholders are unified and working together as a team?

Jeffrey Horvath

What Really Matters

Horvath and Associates assists entrepreneurs, organizations, churches, and communities reach their entrepreneurial potential. We are a business consulting firm that leads stakeholders through creating environments in which they have the resources, knowledge, and support systems to start and grow innovative organizations and communities. We help develop entrepreneurial networks through organic growth and leveraging of resources. Our firm has extensive experience in bringing together diverse organizations and people, fostering collaboration among these groups, and leading them in achieving desired results.

Our services are customized based on the needs of our clients with a focus on providing transformational tools for long-term success. Our portfolio includes over 10,000 clients. Our international work spans the countries of  Vietnam, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and Malaysia.

Horvath and Assoicates is committed to partnering with you to build a strong foundation. 

It Starts with Culture - Building a Strong Foundation


"Through this work we will capitalize on the potential God has given us."

Billy Joe Daugherty

Pastor, Victory Christian Center

Jeffrey Horvath is a strategic thought leader with a proven record of results. He has over 25 years experience serving entrepreneurs, organizations, and churches. His focus is in the area of entrepreneurship. He is a nationally-recognized facilitator and consultant. He has effective skills for developing and implementing strategic plans, initiatives, and curriculum that align with organization, ministry, and community vision and mission. Additional areas of expertise include team building, leadership development, performance appraisal and reward systems, and marketing.

Innovation is the Key

What is unique about your organization or community? What do you do well that sets you apart from others? Having an entrepreneurial mindset fosters a spirit of innovation which is the key to long-term success. Horvath and Associates is dedicated to helping you focus on your mission and vision to positively impact those you serve.

Growing Leaders and
As a results-oriented leader, Mr. Horvath took over a company that was dramatically losing customers and turned them around by increasing clients 300%, expanding sales into all 50 states, and growing the reach to over 350,000 people.

Mr. Horvath has taught entrepreneurship at several universities for over 15 years. He offers a practical, hands-on perspective to students of all disciplines, exposing them to entrepreneurship and the business community. Nationally he has worked with over 200 educational institutions, helping them develop their entrepreneurial programs to become a catalyst for economic development in the communities they serve.


He is part of the the executive committee of the Oklahoma Governor's Conference on Small Business. He is also a member of Tulsa's Scholarships for Success, a program designed to cultivate entrepreneurship among youth. Mr. Horvath serves at his church Victory Christian Center in Tulsa as part of the executive committee of Victory Marketplace Outreach.