Growing Leaders and

Growth Strategies...Transformational Results

Equipping Christian Entrepreneurs for the Marketplace

We assist people and organizations reach their entrepreneurial potential. With over 25 years of experience, we provide resources, knowledge, and support systems based on Biblical principles to launch and grow innovative companies. Our firm specializes in:

  • Consulting We help organizations design sustainable solutions to launch and grow their companies. Incorporating prayer and Biblical principles provides a foundation to this planning process and a roadmap for sustainable success.
  • Executive Coaching Leadership is the key to company growth. A company will never grow beyond the leadership capabilities of its key members. We focus on providing Biblically-based coaching to equip leaders for entrepreneurial excellence.
  • Workshops/Retreats We offer half-day and two-day workshops and retreats focused on cultivating teamwork, creating/updating strategic direction, and developing implementation plans. Workshops and retreats are set up as a time to seek God for innovative ideas and future direction as a team.

Equipping Church Leaders to Serve Entrepreneurs

We help church and ministry leaders design programs and outreach initiatives to entrepreneurs. We have extensive experience developing resources and tools to help ministries increase their reach and impact to the entrepreneurial community.